A humanist trying to make technology work for geeks

I apply best practices, techniques and knowledge from multiple disciplines like project management, change management, human behaviour, information technology, technological possibilities, marketing, communication and common sense to bring geeks closer to being human and humans closer to being geeks.


I am a representative, social, ethical, authentic and confident person able to explore creative solutions to meet preconceived goals. Capable to create a vision of possible solutions and advise about them in a rational and innovative way before reporting about the possibilities at hand by presenting methods of approach and a feasible project plan.

Founder of Choose Something Else Internet Solutions which basically is a full service internet and communication agency, conceived by me and experts in internet technology, content management, graphic design, video editing, communication and marketing.

The goal is to optimise your presence and effectiveness on the internet using knowledge and understanding about internet technology with a personal, flexible and focused approach. By using the combined knowledge and experience of the collective we are able to help you to achieve your on-line goals and support you to solve your internet related business challenges even if you are a geek.

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