Learning online with Moodle


Although a few stodgy editors and style guides still recommend the 1990s-style on-line (with a hyphen) for the computing-related adjective, the trajectory of the language favors online. The latter is now considered acceptable by most dictionaries and English usage guides, and most major publications have changed with the times. Perhaps and perhaps more important, online is far more common in popular usage. 
(Grammarist is definitely on to something here)

Online it is. Rightfully as well. Let’s continue…

You can learn all kinds of stuff in your own pace and on your skill level. The fact that there are a lot of sites and tools available through the wonders of the World Wide Web (why web addresses need the // in the URL also leaves me in the dark) definitely helps as well. God dammit I already start to sound a bit (lol) like some nerd already before we even got started. Oh well, you’ll just have to deal with i and it will be better. ok? You with me? I will attempt to remove any clutter from the things I write and get to the point as soon as possible if possible. Starting from.. Now. In my professional life I create on-line learning portals and programs myself.

Weapon of choice? There can be only 1:


It’s open source. Has the biggest active community (Proof me wrong). Actually looks pretty cool now in comparison to the early days, even by default (See the screenshot at the bottom of the post) It takes a bit of time to get around it in an natural way, but when you do it serves your educational needs. Although the huge amount of options (especially in administrator or editing mode) might get you lost sometimes. Once you get around. You get around and take some little quirks for granted.

I installed one on http://www.mauricebakker.nl/learn/ when I modify things I’ll add it to the blog.

Old Moodle used to look like this.. Pretty slick.